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inspired by clouds

CAN A wooden toy be as playful and imaginative as watching clouds?

With Animix I wanted to design a toy where wood is not perceived as concrete, squared, hard but instead where wood has a fluid behaviour, where inspiration occurs through free interpretation of shapes. Just like lying down on the grass, watching the clouds and seeing a dog, a crocodile, a convertible car and so on.. I have always been enjoying this pastime because I consider it a training to find sense and meaning in the reality, somehow a way to think about the fact that reality passes through everyone of us in very different ways. Moreover, I have always been fascinated by balloon artists and the way they are able to create from the same support very different creations by simply adjusting distances crosses and assembly.

This is the reason why I have decided not to over-exemplify what kids can create, but only give some suggestions to allow them to tune with the right abstraction code and then go with their own fantasy inventing whatever pops into their minds. In this sense the choice to leave the wood raw has been made to allows kids to decorate them with pencils or paste textiles and other materials that can make them realize the character they are figuring out.

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