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When I think at most of the bookshelves and magazine rack I find that many of them try to integrate and thus be versatile to many diverse interiors. This makes most of the times them not-intrusive, sometimes minimal, very often neutral. The idea is “the content is what matters”. Ok, but what about the books and magazines we do not want to put in that whole mass of pages remained abandoned for years? Where to keep those special pages close? And how can we revert the concept that a bookshelf is like one another?

Well, Home Pets were born to take care of people’s most beloved books and magazines. They do not “live in the house” but literally “live the house” because they can be easily moved around to be placed where you need them to be. Beside the couch they give company while watching TV and quietly whisper “read.. read.. read…” As bedside cabinets they seem to play at “wife and husband” while they are at the opposite sides of the bed. Despite real pets they are very docile, they do not foul, do not eat the carpets and even do not scratch the furniture. Instead they take care of those precious pages within the fluorescent folds of their acrylic evanescent coats.

The sentimental dynamics is purposed to make the product grow in personal relation with the customer, thus increasing the lifecycle of the product and resulting in a more sustainable product. Whenever Home Pets will need to be recycled (and I hope users will be more inclined to recover them rather than dismiss) the design for disassembly will help to separate each different material that have been used, plastics from metals, with mechanical joints that can be easily removed.

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