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Awakening of kids to technology with STEM toys, this is the case of Zowi a little intelligent robot which help children to discover how technology works.

Zowi is a project designed by bq who has proposed an evolutionary system developing this intelligent robot for the smaller. The main of bq is bringing Zowi to schools to allow children of ages 8 and up to learn code and programming while playing and put them into the world of technology safely while entertaining. Teaching at the same time that technology can be transparent, proximate and fun.

So, even being a toy it has an educational ecosystem with an extensive pedagogical pathway.

Zowi is an open source smart robot, which means that the physical ecosystem, the code and the app have all been made freely available so that anyone can understand it and modify it.

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Toy design in the age of Metaverses

The history of Metaverses is a young one and however, as many other stories of today as NFTs and crypto currencies, will most probably have a role in consumer experiences and even our lives tomorrow. And in this context toys, maybe not the ones we are used to, are not only involved but will play a big part in this new business. That’s why I wanted to understand and try to figure out what could possibly become toy design in the age of Metaverses. Just to point this question seems to let me travel in time in seconds… but let’s try first to make things as straight as possible from what I have observed so far.

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Toy Designers and Toy Brands empower the next generation to explore the wonder of childhood and reach their full potential. But, future generations also need to inherit an environment that is full of promise. Most of the time, children outgrow toys or discard them due to wear and tear, and then these toys end up in landfills. By working together to reclaim and recycle materials, we can make sure the toys of the present do not become the waste challenges of tomorrow.

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Most of the innovation that we see in the world today is Technology-led. When we think of Technology – the most prominent word that surfaces is “Efficiency”. But the issue in recent times is the fear that this efficiency-driven Technology might scale to the point of outgrowing Human abilities and qualities. Over time, technology might start changing our DNA, our behaviour and “domesticate humans” completely. Therefore, the need of the hour is to take a step towards humanising technology. There seems to be an urgent need to blend the physical and digital mediums.

Humanising Technology refers to creating New Models of Design that are more balanced. It means to create a bi-directional relationship between Technology and the User and making machines express in a more human language.

“Technology is just a means to enable the needs of human beings”.

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Smart activity kits for learning STEAM education

SMARTIVITY are the makers of smart activity kits for learning STEAM education to help children of age 3+ to understand fundamentals of STEAM. They make World’s finest Smart Construction Toys to make the fundamentals FUN. They believe in the potential of child to be the maker of a better future and inspire child to unleash their true potential to be an innovator, a creator, a tinkerer, a problem-solver… as a maker of our future!

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How pandemic has affected toy trends and toy market?

Since past two years our lives have changed massively in terms of lifestyle, health, earning, vacations, basic needs, livelihood, travel, etc. all the sectors and markets have been affected. And so has the Toy Industry. Today, we are going to read a little about how pandemic has affected toy trends and toy market. To understand this we will also have a brief look at the consumer behavior.

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A new way of Education with Experiential Learning

In today’s world full of technology and advancement, only theory based knowledge isn’t enough. Narmada Bal Ghar is an NGO that works on providing a new way of education with experiential learning by empowering 850+ schools with Classroom Labs, Providing resources to 1100+ teachers and reaching more than 250K students all over the world. They believe in making kids Future ready by developing entrepreneurial skills.

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Artificial Intelligence is making giant strides and it begins to be perceived naturally also in the market of educational toys. If few months ago we talked about more or less static robots, and the discussion that ignited the most careful parents was about the amount of data that a voice assistant could steal from an unwitting child, well today we introduce you to Moxie; in addition to being the latest news in the field of AI for children, it is also proof that design serving artificial intelligence for kids can open new roads for interaction with robots.

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that the ‘child-friendly coding‘ is an hot-topic for us (if you have not read the past articles on the subject, you can retrieve here or here); our attention comes both from the boom of products that have populated the toy market and from the great educational potential of these games. In this article we present Robo Wunderkind, an easy-to-build robot that has just successfully completed a second campaign on Kickstarter.

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Dinosaurs have always been one of the favorite topics of children of all times, we have all been fascinated (maybe we still are) and we have owned at least one puppet. To confirm this statement there are also scientific bases that confirm that almost one child in three has an immeasurable interest in this subject. The academics of the University of Virginia have also found that in children interested in dinosaurs there is a higher threshold of attention and greater capacity to process information, mainly because they read a lot about it and try to deepen their knowledge to expand the possibilities of play. Today we present Dino, a dinosaur toy that helps you learn.

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