TOY Design Academy comes from the idea of ​​a program open to all and from the concept that many ideas of games or toys often remain in an artisanal or private dimension. TOY Design Academy is born because I happen to talk to people who have ideas born spontaneously within educational, therapeutic, home or personal creativity contexts. But they remain there, undeveloped and undervalued, in the belief that the way to approach producers or publishers is out of reach for those who are not in the sector. And in part it is true, but in this way not only they do not bring any economic benefit to the creator / creator but, more importantly, they never reach the hands of those who could benefit from this idea. Learning to sell your ideas of games and toys is possible for anyone with talent or passion for this field and wants to make it grow and become an opportunity.


Those who already have another job that has nothing to do with toys is not uncommon for having the ability and the talent to create something playful, perhaps born with their children or grandchildren or with other children who are part of their personal life . But, listen, listen, it is above all when the ideas are born from really “played” activities that can give life to a game idea that can be sold. TOY Design Academy is born because it is the belief of some that these should remain “ideas in the drawer”. But in the drawers there is our creativity, our personal vision of the world. What if this vision was extremely new without you realizing it?

TOY Design Academy is born as an individual coaching path for those who have a passion for the game but who do not come from the field of design or licensing. The toy industry is a demanding and complex sector if you are a beginner. After more than 15 years of activity I can say that the work of ideation / invention is an activity in which the “precision of the action” is fundamental: it takes very little for an idea to be set aside, become obsolete or waste energy in an attempt to open doors that you don’t know how to open and with what approach.


There are also other training proposals that go in this direction, but they exist in the post-university training, certainly valid and that have the great advantage of giving an encyclopedic training on the training of the toy designer, also including notions of developmental psychology. , production technologies, toy safety, etc … all absolutely right for anyone who intends to do this profession professionally or work in toy companies. But what if you come from other fields? Translating ideas into earning opportunities was first a personal challenge for me, now one is a mission. I would like to allow those who are creative to reach the goal of creating a personal business on their own ideas, also in parallel with other work activities.

Here, for this reason TOY Design Academy is born, for the desire to propose a different approach, that is to start from the objective of selling one’s own ideas by supplying understandable tools and “practical” advice to reach this objective as soon as possible. I too, when I was less experienced, happened to look at the mountain and say “it’s too high”. But all the mountains, even the highest ones, are covered starting from a first step. That’s why I call it “path”. An individualized path that gives freedom to those who participate in it to carry out the work phases with their own time, skills and resources. And where the skills should be missing, support with practical and fast solutions to be able to sell your idea.


Awareness Toys at Games for Health Europe and on ADI Design Index 2019


What brought Awareness Toys at Games for Health Europe and on ADI Design Index 2019 I think it was especially the idea of being able to create toys for adults.

The project, born from the cooperation with Dario Gianoli, counselor educated in generative psychopedagogy, started in 2015 with the goal of bringing objects that could act as facilitators at diverse levels into educational practices. The concepts of instability, void and loss have been represented through simple shapes in order to be able to “dress” with player’s thoughts, memories and emotions.

Awareness Toys have been presented last 8 October at Games For Health Europe 2019, a conference focussed on serious games we already spoke about in this post, this year at its ninth edition. In a context where digital and virtual reality have been main characters, these totally analog toys have tried to give a different perspective on the role of sensory activation in the play as well as on the role of the educator/guide in such critical and deep educational paths.

The collection has also run for the selection of the ADI Deign Index 2019, yearly publication produced by the Italian Industrial Design Association, that every year brings together the best Italian design in production, selected by the ADI’s Permanent Design Observatory. The selection features both products and product systems from diverse markets, theoretical-critical researches, process or corporate researches applied to design. Awareness Toys have been featured in the section of Social Design in the occasion of the presentation of the publication, held in Milan the last 14 October at the Auditorium of the National Science and Technology Museum “Leonardo da Vinci”. An award that confirms the innovative approach of the project and opens it to a specialized audience. Awareness Toys at Games for Health Europe and on ADI Design Index 2019 is maybe the signal of something changing, of an attention that is moving toward play and the adult world.

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Some of the TOY team will be present at the upcoming Toy Fair in Nuremberg.
We will be there from the 2nd to the 4th of February 2018.
Take the chance to meet us at the biggest toy fair in Europe
and receive the new TOY Comic for free.

“Flauer is a flower, curious and resourceful. His dream is to be the most popular flower, the most loved and appreciated by bees and butterflies of the lawn. But the presence of other flowers, unfair and striking, threatens his status.”
Discover how it ends…




In occasion of Salone del Mobile 2017 it has been opened the show “GIRO GIRO TONDO DESIGN FOR CHILDREN” where you will have the chance to see one of the projects by TOY design at Triennale Design Museum Milano. The exhibition has been opened on April the 1st and will be on until February the 18th 2018.

VISIT THE official webSITe of the exhibition 

It has been proposed a path in which the design as well as architecture are explained from the point of view of the world of children and children products. Not only design but also architecture because those two disciplines have worked in tight relation to create occasions of experience, play, storytelling, fun.

The first part of the path developed by Stefano Giovannoni proposes at first a selection of toys with a stron pop character, among which Metroquadro is featured. From there the show develops with different perceptive suggestions, from graphic art to sounds, that give company to visitors in the different sections: Furniture, by Maria Paola Maino; Toys, by Luca Fois woth Renato Ocone; Architecture, by Fulvio Irace; Signs, by Pietro Corraini; Animations, by Maurizio Nichetti, and Tools, by Francesca Balena Arista.

These sections are spaced out by focus areas dedicated to prominent people in the history of design related to education, such as Bruno Munari, by Alberto Munari, and Riccardo Dalisi, by Francesca Picchi with Studio Dalisi, to pedagogy and Masters, by Franca Zuccoli and Monica Guerra, or to the iconic characters, as Pinocchio, by Enrico Ercole. So do not miss the chance to see this very interesting and well-told exhibition and to see live this project by TOY design at Triennale Design Museum.

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TOY has launched a new ambitious project where the contribution of Makers will be needed to give birth to a new collection of toys that put together our vision of education and technology and will become synergic by design.

Depending on the specific profiles we will receive we will set the design goals and the team as well and then you will know more operational details.

Each Maker will contribute to the project with an economical agreement that will be undisclosed after the selection of candidates.

If you have a good feeling with TOY and TOY manifesto you should definitely apply so we can further tell you about this opportunity.

Some of us do this as a part-time activity, so do not worry if for you this is not going to be a major task. Yet consider that this will be a time-sensitive activity and we will work on a web-based shared platform for the best project management and the accomplishment of goals.

We want to change the world, we need your contribution, do not be shy, it is time to take part!


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an imaginary journey through illustration and design

It Comics, the new independent label of Italian comics, in collaboration with Spazio36 participates at Fuorisalone 2016 in Milan by presenting Josif Design.
For two days, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 of April, visitors will be transported into the fictional world of Josif, the cosmonaut gorilla created by David Barzi and Fabiano Ambu. The show, conceived and curated by Fabiano Ambu and Daniel Patelli, contaminates comics and design.

Josif, main character of the first of It Comics issue, introduces and guides visitors inside his spaceship, a surreal sci-fi world where, through the works of artists and designers Marco Rizzioli, Franco Caselin, Fabio Guaricci and Slide design, coexist and contaminate illustration, art, comics and design.

During the two-day event, the authors Francesco Abrignani, Fabiano Ambu, Gianfranco Florio, Fabio Crowd, Carolina Livio, Alberto Locatelli, Luca Usai and Vorticerosa will engage in performances, installations and live painting.

An alternative experience in which the viewer is constantly called upon to cross the border between reality and fantasy.

Josif Design is included in the official program of the Fuorisalone 2016.

SPAZIO36 – Viale Umbria 36, ​​Milan.

April 15 from 9:00 am, presentation from 18:00 to 22:00
April 16 from 9:00 to 23:00

toy-design-at-fuorisalone-2016_1 toy-design-at-fuorisalone-2016_4 toy-design-at-fuorisalone-2016_3