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Dignity exercises in the story of a cute charater

Yesterday evening at Spazio36 for the opening of “Sfatti Così” illustration show I met Vorticerosa, a very interesting young artist. She has been making art out of her life experience since always. Dignity is the name of her character after she went out of childhood. She is big-headed, because she was previously forced to embody all the necessary informations supposed to be useful to cope with life outside the childhood. She feels -and looks- quite childish though. She is a child that is forced to manage often things that are bigger than her.

I think this work has a great metaphorical meaning that goes beyond the cute and minimal look of the character. It is somewhat controversial, halfway between entertainment and declaration. I love the thinking that we can teach such things like dignity! A very nice work that makes me think that new meanings must have new ways to communicate and get in touch with new developmental processes in an ever-changing world.

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