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inspiring nature

how can a toy be magic as nature?

I have always been stunned by the beauty and perfection of a natural (and vital) process like photosynthesis. The natural pigment that allows plants to get energy from the sun during the day is called chlorophyll, and through it carbon dioxide is stored and transformed into oxygen.

I tryed to embody this magic into a toy and the domino dots seemed perfectly matching the image. This time nature was really by my side because this is a toy that actually needs to stay out of the cabinet to work properly, it asks to be shown as part of the house, or even better behind a window.

Usually domino for kids tend to attract kids with characters and colours, but this time the surprise was also that nature inspired also an extra performance of this domino game, not only in the meaning but in the play value. In fact this domino allows kids to play in the dark, which is something I really used to enjoy when I was a kid.

Client: Milaniwood

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