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You might be interested in knowing that Fabio works also on a freelance basis if you are looking for an experienced toy designer for your innovation campus.

I understand how important is that moment in which a toy company is willing to innovate an existing line or create a brand new one. A lot of possibilities will arise and at that time it will be critic to be aware of what “play value” really is.

If you are thinking “it has come the time to do something on that line” or “we really can’t miss the chance to fill this competition spot” and you have marketing and sales pushing for the next big thing, make sure this process will be enriched with:

  • A fresh and yet experienced outside point of view on your line or your innovation goal
  • Creative and out-of-the-box ideas to your brainstormings
  • Adults and children’s pains & gains analysis to be met in product requirements
  • Age grade definitions that will clearly identify children’s needs and desires
  • Creation of Personas types to identify expectations and potential market share
  • Top brands’ secrets by play value analysis to extract must haves
  • Age-specific recurring play patterns and how new toys/brands are improving
  • Fast play scenario visualization with digital techniques
  • 3D modeling and rendering of concepts for visual/functional evaluation
  • 3D printing and physical modeling skills for fast prototyping and play testing

If you are looking for an experienced toy designer for your innovation campus feel free to contact me, so we can discuss whether this is possible according to our agendas. Obviously at times of Corona virus Fabio is open for online campuses or focus groups as well. This is something Fabio does on a regular basis.

So if you want to discover how data can serve innovation in toys and support decision making, if you want to make sure your innovation process is enriched with fast concept development, visualization and prototyping, if you need a fresh new point of view and be aware of how your play pattern can be relevant for the market do not hesitate further. Let’s make this happen!

Please note Fabio is available for limited periods of time along the year according with ongoing projects and deadlines.

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