I often receive messages from young designers that want to do internships at TOY Design. And not only from people placed in Italy, but also from India, Spain, Turkey, USA and many others. That’s why I have decided to offer the possibility to submit for an online internship.

I have structured a work experience of 3 to 6 months, full time, connected on Skype or similar software for meetings/updates, depending on your availability, in which you will enter the TOY Design world and see with your eyes what is going on in the toy market. A journey in the state of art of toy design and of selling ideas.

At the same time some young designers happen to be also my students in the TOY Design Academy. So I thought: can I put together their need of learning how to become professional and the needs of TOY? The answer is a big YES.

Starting from the point that with internships I mean the ones young designers or design students have to perform in order to graduate, free of charge and with all the related bureaucracy.

The reason internships are only for young designers or students is that I want to impact in the very moment in which people has finished or is finishing with studies and is willing to find a concrete work perspective. I want to teach them that the world is complex but if you have passion for toys and design there is no chance to fail.

What TOY wants back from you is all your passion, your creativity and lively spirit to give your contribution in the TOY Design community, a community that is growing and growing.

So, if you are interested send me a message in the contact form. Once I will reply you will be able to send me your cv and portfolio. Please be sure all of above is accepted from you in the first place.