I often receive messages from young designers that want to do internships in TOY Design. And not only from people placed in Italy, but also from India, Spain, Turkey, USA and many many others. TOY is an international studio and has a global mentality. I believe that design has no borders and is the very best tool to make the world a better place. That’s why I have decided to offer the possibility to submit for online internships.

TOY has a solid core team that cooperates on a regular basis and does very well also when not physically in the same place. That’s why I believe internships in TOY Design can be performed with an “online” mode, especially nowadays dealing with a pandemic. This formula gives the possibility to young designers interested in toys to make a meaningful experience in the industry where there’s always something to learn, every day.

Following our standard policy for internships (please make sure you are aligned to this before submitting):

  • 6 months minimum period
  • full time
  • online based (meetings on Skype or similar)
  • you must have already worked on toys previously and you are passionate about children’s education
  • you must be very good at sketching (please dedicate a section of your portfolio for this)
  • you must be good at 3D modeling and rendering
  • you must have a critical mindset and be passionate on design research and meta-design (which is essential to become an innovator)

I want this experience to impact in the very moment in which young creatives have finished or are finishing studies and are willing to specialize in this industry. The toy world is complex but if you have passion you will find your way.


  • you are in line with the conditions above
  • you really believe you can make the difference in this industry

please send me a message using the contact form. Once I will reply, you will be able to send me your cv and portfolio. Please be sure all of above is accepted and you are in line with the profile in the first place. Thank you!