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how can a bead game ignite creativity and be multi-purpose?

Wooden beads one of the most common icons for wooden toys. They have been produced since ever in many kinds of versions, from the very early months to jewelry kits for bracelets and necklaces. The age usually determines the look and of course what is inside the kit of beads, like laces and other non-bead accessories.

With Kits I wanted to bring sense and play potential to the widespread possibilities of turned wooden beads, one of company’s core products. The countless form and color possibilities have been organized into a palette of 12 colors in scale and 18 SKUs in total. The open spirit that often leads my will in fact made me strongly desire also raw wood versions, and that is to emphasize the feel that they have to be seen as “fuel for creativity”, they need the interaction with the kids to become something. And in this sense raw wood and ever-changing shapes is a perfect sense activator for kids to explore and imagine.

Client: Milaniwood

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