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1 – TOY’s approach to projects is DESIGN DRIVEN: operates holistically, cross-disciplines and cross-processes, to develop and deliver cutting-edge innovation.

2 -TOY promotes HUMAN DEVELOPMENT as a whole, considering emotional skills as important as logical ones. 

3- TOYS are platforms, where educational and entertainment features are fine tuned in order to leave space to free thinking, interpretation and questioning.

4 – TOY’s AESTHETICS comes from the process of fine tuning forms, colours and their relation in the composition with harmony in mind. Cutting-edge design is beautiful and long-lasting if it serves people rather than impress. 

5 – TOY promotes SOCIAL INNOVATION driven by educational and anthropological principles for the development of relational and cooperative skills for the wellness of humans.

6 – Creativity is our strength but we work MARKET wise, considering design and business as different faces of the same medal, as a possible counter-balance of each other, to make it happen and to long last .

7 –  TOY believes in the importance of PLAY as primary instinct to learn dealing with the world, resource of education, training to face difficulties, tool for self-determination and freedom.

8 – Our planet’s ECOLOGICAL CRISIS makes TOY promote nature friendly materials and processes and long-life products rather than fashionable ones.

9 – TOY considers TECHNOLOGY as means not as goal. As support for human mental and emotional development and wellness. A tool to empower, compensate misses, give hope.

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