Learning to sell your ideas of games and toys

20 July 2020 — by Fabio_Guaricci

Learning to sell your ideas of games and toys

TOY Academy is an educational program open to anyone that arises from the fact that many ideas of games or toys that flourish within educational, therapeutic, home or spontaneous creative contexts most of the time remain in an artisan, private dimension, in which not only they do not bring an economic benefit to the creator but, more importantly, they never come into the hands of people who could benefit from this idea. Learning to sell your ideas of games and toys is possible for anyone with talent or passion for this field and wants to bet in his/her own idea. It is a precise path in which every energy will be valued and enhanced.

TOY Academy is first and foremost a flexible service. Flexible means that my first goal is to make you sell your idea and make profit out of it. To do this you may only need to propose an idea already prototyped and ready for the market, but you may also want to understand how to protect your intellectual property, improve the appeal of the idea and verify its innovation compared to what is already out there. For these and other aspects that are part of the wonderful world of selling ideas, I can personally support you in virtual meetings that will guide you in the correct process on a hourly-based fee basis, so you can decide how much and when you need support.

TOY Academy is therefore basically an individual coaching path for those who have a passion or talent for toys/games but may not come from the field of designing or selling ideas. For years I have fought with the fear that proposing ideas would mean having it copied or worse stolen. But there are solutions, and I know how to make them within your reach. The toy industry is a complex sector if you are a beginner, it took me years. After more than 15 years of activity I can say that the work of ideation / invention is an activity in which the precision of the action and personal determination are key. In a moment you could dismiss the idea, making it become obsolete or waste your energy in an attempt to open doors that you don’t know how to open and with what approach.

I will follow you in an individualized path divided into steps that step by step will make you grow and learn through techniques and methodologies developed over years of activity in the toy sector. Together we will develop the roadmap that will bring your project to be “ready to be licensed” and palatable to companies, right up to the licensing agreement.

Joining the TOY Academy program means enriching your project and your education with important steps that will make you grow professionally and professionally, up to considering the sale of your ideas part of your life, also in parallel with your “other” job.

Thanks to this program you will learn to:

  • Validate your idea in the market
  • Establish the cost of your idea
  • Evaluate the positioning so that it can be sold to the consumer
  • Define the play pattern, the educational value, the wow effect and improve them
  • Find companies potentially interested in the idea
  • Find out if your idea infringes existing patents
  • Protect your idea from copy attempts
  • Contact companies directly
  • Negotiate a commercial agreement that will make you earn as a percentage of sales

These are just some of the things you will learn with this program.

If you are interested in the TOY Academy program, write to me through the contact form below to receive more information on methods and costs. Don’t waste any more time and take the first step today to learn how to sell your game and toy ideas. You will find that not only my proposal is within your reach but you will not be required to have highly complex skills to reach your goal of selling your ideas.

After signing a confidentiality agreement, necessary to protect your idea and share it with me in complete safety, you can take advantage of a free 30-minute orientation call to better understand it together and to answer your questions.