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[su_spoiler title=”COSMETIC DESIGN”] Aims at improving the play value of the toy only editing colors and graphics. Through our design process we will make the toy interesting and attractive to consumers again.
[go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58aeddebe1515″] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58aede40d25c7″] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58aede79a8334″] [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”RE-INVENTION & DESIGN”] It is the service that makes a functional and aesthetical refresh of the toy so it returns to have mark-up with competitors and be fun, educational and attractive to parents.
[go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16c4e2bbb”] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16cce2f13″] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16d1491f7″] [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”INVENTION & DESIGN”] It is the service of designing a new toy starting from a marketing or typological brief, so the design will be tuned to business goals.
[go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16d6a74ec”] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16db66f9d”] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16dfa3ca5″] [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT”] Offers the complete development of the toy, including the 3D model, technical drawings and the problem-solving of manufacturing issues with your supplier.
[go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16e59e637″] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16e96bbde”] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16ef944da”] [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”PACKAGING & DISPLAY DESIGN”] It is an important aspect on the sale process of the toy and we promote an experience of pre-play already in the shelf. So the packaging will not be only a cost but will be part of the toy.
[go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16f3a7128″] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16f94b999″] [go_pricing id=”c14wphosti_58af16fe1f3e4″] [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Terms and Conditions”] 1. All prices are VAT not included
2. In case of agreed business trips necessary to perform tasks the customer will cover all costs and an extra fee of 312€/day
3. The customer will cover all costs for the delivery of samples and/or prototypes for the performance of services
4. This price-list will be confirmed with the delivery of a regular Contract of Services after the collection of more detailed info about your specific need.
5. The definition of the Product category (Simple, Medium, Complex) is approximate and the list of examples is not complete. It will be confirmed by supplying more detailed info before Final Offer approval.
6. Rates can be changed anytime without notice, so the Contract of Services is the actual way to stop/agree the final price and chosen formula.
7. For Re-Design and New Design services, in case of the “Fee + Royalties” formula, a regular Contract for the commercial use of Fabio Guaricci’s intellectual property will be signed at the end of the work (the final payment) and the product communication will show the logo and the quote “designed in Italy by TOY design studio”. An interruption of the work and/or the final payment missing will make the Contract not applicable and the work will be considered “not licensed”. In this case any commercial use will lead to prosecution by law.


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