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Smart activity kits for learning STEAM education

SMARTIVITY are the makers of smart activity kits for learning STEAM education to help children of age 3+ to understand fundamentals of STEAM. They make World’s finest Smart Construction Toys to make the fundamentals FUN. They believe in the potential of child to be the maker of a better future and inspire child to unleash their true potential to be an innovator, a creator, a tinkerer, a problem-solver… as a maker of our future!

Their toys are mainly divided in age ranges 3+ for basics of Shapes, Numbers and Letters, Identifying world around them, Colors, and Animals, 6+ for Basic Math, Mechanics, Robotics, Motion and Engineering, Art and Crafts and Working principles and finally 8+ for complex mechanisms, Working machines, Game boards, Geography, Music and Performed arts.

History will judge us by the difference we make in everyday lives of kids

– Nelson Mandela

Smart activity kits for learning STEAM education made by Smartivity are Eco-friendly, completely made of MDF sheets. Child safe approved by 24 major countries. Mess Free as there is no glue or extra the connection system used is different mechanisms and motions. Their toys are also Gender Neutral. They involve no screens and are totally made in India.

These constructive toys helps empowers kids to be curious learners who seeks creative solutions to real-world problems, this helps them to develop the soft and hard skills required to succeed wherever else life takes them. Smartivity STEAM Educational Construction toys make STEAM learning hands-on, play-filled and rooted in practical applications.

SMARTIVITY products are design centric, committed to constructively engage kids with 4 main beliefs :

  1. THE POWER OF PLAY : children learn the best through play, and retain the learning for longer amount of time
  2. THE PROMISE OF STEAM : Practical understanding of steam concepts is critical to succeed in the future.
  3. THE POTENTIAL OF A CHILD : Every child is the potential “maker” of a brighter and better future
  4. THE PRIDE OF MAKING : Every child can be a contributor to the society, not a ‘passive consumer’

There are many benefits to build and play with smart activity kits for learning STEAM education as it helps in Boosting kid’s Confidence, Curiosity and Creativity by making them create their own set of toys, facing the challenges that comes on the way and finding innovative solutions by being responsible for their Toys. It Enhances child’s Patience and Attentions Span with an experience immersive of mind and body, developing persistence and commitment to also improve focus.

These toys also empowers your child with scientific Knowledge, with deeper understanding of the concepts and generate longer retention based on experimental learning. It helps them form a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical approach towards real life situations by helping them in Decision making, Problem solving, Analytical abilities, Cognitive skills and form their own Independent and Scientific thinking.

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