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In the age of 2.0 moms, those of social and virtual sharing, born Toucanbox, a bi-weekly kit that demonstrate how to engage consumers can be easy with subscription boxes.

Toucanbox‘s first strength lies in being designed by Virginie, a curious and creative mom and by Sara, a Montessori method expert. The latter is responsible for the product development, with a long experience in the Montessori educational play field. The underlying idea is to stimulate children’s creativity at home, out of school hours.

This award-winning educational toy is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 8, without gender distinction. The only distribution channel is the dear letterbox where moms find a cardboard pack every 15 days. Physical mail touchpoint is another key element in Toucanbox‘s success: the parent does not need to periodically seek out a new toy for recreational activities with his son because this arrives directly at home.

When talking about subscriptions sometimes the consumer sees this as a commitment that increases indecision in the purchase. In this case Toucanbox has studied a system for which the subscription is activated via Internet and can be terminated at any time.

Another key aspect for us is the customization of the toy: the parent fills a personality test for the child on the website. Each kit not only includes the child’s name but also tailored educational content to meet his passions and necessities. In the box there is all the material for a new creative activity, ready to use.

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Packaging as well as practical and compact, is studied in detail both graphically and functionally. All creative activities involve the reuse of the box, which we as an agency strongly promote in our toy packaging services, sometimes as a frame, sometimes as building material. The graphic language is reflected inside and in particular in the booklet in each kit. This paper tool allows the child to deepen the theme developed in the activity and to keep alive the attention until the next kit arrives.

So we can say that Toucabox immediately realized that to engage consumers can be easy with subscription boxes. To do this even before and after the purchase allow to create a very strong online community that, in fact, is the foundation for promoting the kit. Mom comes to know the toy almost always through the word of mouth from blogs and social networks. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube profiles have a clear and well-defined function: they share, in order, step and moment of creation, interesting articles on similar themes, or reviews and video activity instructions. To complete the subscription is also important to log in to the site and create a profile, another key touchpoint for customer loyalty.

What is needed to make a toy catchy nowadays? Surely create a whole system capable not only to propose but also listen. Often you look at the digital toy as the only (easy) answer to a future that sees us immersed in technology. But if we learn that to engage consumers can be easy with subscription boxes, we can still continue to design analog, educational, and entertaining toys. Toucanbox has accepted the challenge and has achieved it with great skill, a good product-service with an appropriate and up-to-date communication and marketing strategy.

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