We work creatively but market-wise because we believe this is the first step to share with our client’s marketing goals, we want to make it work and create business and we are very serious on this. While creating market-wise ideas we always keep in mind also today’s and tomorrow’s challenges: sustainability, inclusive play, disability, digital detox, etc…  Play is not only an entertaining activity but the very best one to create learning and self awareness. And this is true for all children and adults too. We believe that these values will become tomorrow’s toy brands assents.

Below our core services, an example of single services we often work on. Beside those, our ad hoc services are custom projects in which TOY acts as project leader and creative director of wide-spectrum goals.

INVENTION & DESIGN is the service of designing a new toy starting from a marketing or typological brief, so the design will be tuned to business goals.

REINVENTION & DESIGN is the service that makes a functional and aesthetical refresh of the toy so it returns to have mark-up with competitors and be fun, educational and attractive to parents.

COSMETIC DESIGN aims at improving the play value of the toy only editing colors and graphics. Through our design process we will make the toy interesting and attractive to consumers again.

INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT offers the complete development of the toy, including the 3D model, technical drawings and the problem-solving of manufacturing issues with your supplier.

PACKAGING & DISPLAY DESIGN is an important aspect on the sale process of the toy and we promote an experience of pre-play already in the shelf. So the packaging will not be only a cost but will be part of the toy.

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