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TOY Design Academy comes from the idea of ​​a program open to all and from the concept that many ideas of games or toys often remain in an artisanal or private dimension. TOY Design Academy is born because I happen to talk to people who have ideas born spontaneously within educational, therapeutic, home or personal creativity contexts. But they remain there, undeveloped and undervalued, in the belief that the way to approach producers or publishers is out of reach for those who are not in the sector. And in part it is true, but in this way not only they do not bring any economic benefit to the creator / creator but, more importantly, they never reach the hands of those who could benefit from this idea. Learning to sell your ideas of games and toys is possible for anyone with talent or passion for this field and wants to make it grow and become an opportunity.


Those who already have another job that has nothing to do with toys is not uncommon for having the ability and the talent to create something playful, perhaps born with their children or grandchildren or with other children who are part of their personal life . But, listen, listen, it is above all when the ideas are born from really “played” activities that can give life to a game idea that can be sold. TOY Design Academy is born because it is the belief of some that these should remain “ideas in the drawer”. But in the drawers there is our creativity, our personal vision of the world. What if this vision was extremely new without you realizing it?

TOY Design Academy is born as an individual coaching path for those who have a passion for the game but who do not come from the field of design or licensing. The toy industry is a demanding and complex sector if you are a beginner. After more than 15 years of activity I can say that the work of ideation / invention is an activity in which the “precision of the action” is fundamental: it takes very little for an idea to be set aside, become obsolete or waste energy in an attempt to open doors that you don’t know how to open and with what approach.


There are also other training proposals that go in this direction, but they exist in the post-university training, certainly valid and that have the great advantage of giving an encyclopedic training on the training of the toy designer, also including notions of developmental psychology. , production technologies, toy safety, etc … all absolutely right for anyone who intends to do this profession professionally or work in toy companies. But what if you come from other fields? Translating ideas into earning opportunities was first a personal challenge for me, now one is a mission. I would like to allow those who are creative to reach the goal of creating a personal business on their own ideas, also in parallel with other work activities.

Here, for this reason TOY Design Academy is born, for the desire to propose a different approach, that is to start from the objective of selling one’s own ideas by supplying understandable tools and “practical” advice to reach this objective as soon as possible. I too, when I was less experienced, happened to look at the mountain and say “it’s too high”. But all the mountains, even the highest ones, are covered starting from a first step. That’s why I call it “path”. An individualized path that gives freedom to those who participate in it to carry out the work phases with their own time, skills and resources. And where the skills should be missing, support with practical and fast solutions to be able to sell your idea.

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