The first part of the path developed by Stefano Giovannoni proposes at first a selection of toys with a stron pop character, among which Metroquadro is featured. From there the show develops with different perceptive suggestions, from graphic art to sounds, that give company to visitors in the different sections: Furniture, by Maria Paola Maino; Toys, by Luca Fois woth Renato Ocone; Architecture, by Fulvio Irace; Signs, by Pietro Corraini; Animations, by Maurizio Nichetti, and Tools, by Francesca Balena Arista.

These sections are spaced out by focus areas dedicated to prominent people in the history of design related to education, such as Bruno Munari, by Alberto Munari, and Riccardo Dalisi, by Francesca Picchi with Studio Dalisi, to pedagogy and Masters, by Franca Zuccoli and Monica Guerra, or to the iconic characters, as Pinocchio, by Enrico Ercole. So do not miss the chance to see this very interesting and well-told exhibition and to see live this project by TOY design at Triennale Design Museum.