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Among different design practices and methodologies available in my toolbox, definitely Toy Design Strategy is what mostly brings together TOY’s projects. From the strategic definition of a new brand to the placement of a new toy idea in the market.

Toy Design Strategy is useful for many different purposes. From leading forces within a creative campus whose intent is to come up with a new product or line, to having already a product idea and have to launch it in the most profitable way.

Let’s take one data: 2 startups on 3 are out of business very soon even if they think their product is great and is going to become a blockbuster. The reasons is pretty simple: often there is confusion around the concept that you can definitely wake up one morning with a brilliant idea but usually come up to a product should be the end of a process in which it is the result of course of knowledge, taste, creativity, imagination and vision but its success is very much affected also by the market environment, similar products available, purchasing trends, specific consumer profiles and habits, distribution channels and specific communication to have a strategy there when your product will see the light of the day. If you don’t consider those you simply can’t make it. So if you have a new business and you are going to invest money in this think that all that money is not likely to come back unless you don’t take Design Strategy seriously.

Check out the case studies TOY has been working on in the past to have a full view of different tools, goals and achievements to establish the best conditions in which design as a valuable asset in your company and make it last.

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