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Fabio’s activity features the Design Leadership in toy design workshops.

Usually happens that universities, either public or private, organize these experiences for students in order to challenge themselves in the hard but rewarding world of toys or baby products. At that point the university contacts a sponsor company that will benefit from a custom-made design brief.

The duration of the workshop is variable, from 2 to 8 weeks, and is structured in terms for the delivery of presentations along the way. Let’s say for mid term students are expected to delivery a concept presentation for brief validation and prototypes are expected for the end of the workshop. This means toy companies can expect great and tangible results for the end of the workshop.

Among goals of this toy design workshops there is the meeting of students with a real-life design demand supported by a Design Leader capable to guide them to the target with great space for ideation beside desk research. Also the possibility for students to know people from a company they might ask for internship.

Click below to see the leaflet of a 5-days toy design workshop type organized with my assistant teacher Marta Alves.

I show you a pic of the toy design workshop I led at Domus Academy for Kinder Ferrero.

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