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If we want to go ahead as humans I think we must see our limits as opportunities to improve our quality of life for each other. This quote made me think that there is a link between toys for Disability and Gianni Rodari, the Italian writer of novels for kids.

I have been inspired by this concept: to think that Disability is an underestimated word, it is sometimes considered as an excuse to create borders, classes, stamps. In fact it clusters people and it does for their skills too. The problem with this is that Disability is a “spreading” word, it tends to behave like an oil drop: once pronounced it spreads all over the person that was defined so.

But are we really sure that Disability cannot instead be considered just the other side of Ability?

I am sure everybody of us has something that is really good in some other things that really put him in a rejective and questioning mode, right? So, what if we consider that every single person has “potentially improvable abilities” rather than mark them “disable”?

I think Disability is an underestimated and misunderstood word. It might tell me about my disability in coping with my feelings when somethings goes wrong, in performing an apparently simple task like going out and buy a pair of trousers that fit me, in my uncontrollable impulse to eat or drink more than I really want or need. Disability is just the other side of Ability. And there is plenty of ways to create ability.

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