TOY is a design agency specialized in all-round product and communication services for the toy industry.

Our trademark is our closeness to the user on one hand and to the business goals on the other. And this is because Fabio Guaricci, TOY’s founder, has put into it more than 10 years of experience both in the branding and in the toy design consultancy. Our creative side keeps it real so our projects can be valuable not only for the consumers but also to build the brand awareness. We are the ones that connect the marketing brief with what is valuable for the consumer, that is to say the play and educational value

So TOY was born to not only to be a toy design studio as usual but rather as a provider of very specific services for the toy industry, working as a company’s extension wherever and whenever needed. 

As agency we can connect you with the best professionals for:

  • art direction (photography and video shooting) 
  • illustration (we represent illustrators working for such companies like Disney and licenses like Cars and Geronimo Stilton)
  • web design
  • online communication
  • consumer’s engagement
  • prototyping

In a world shifting between the enthusiasm for the endless possibilities of digital technologies and the re-discover of human values, TOY design studio develops toy design and educational products curated by the designer Fabio Guaricci with his network of designers, educators, psychologists, developers and markers.

TOY design studio is focussed on design and development of toys and educational products for the new needs of a dynamic and complex society. TOY design studio develops cutting-edge design projects with companies and institutions starting from sociological, educational and technological issues in order to create long-lasting and responsible value and profit for the wealth of future generations.


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Since 2005 Fabio and TOY design studio have developed innovative ideas for new products, strategies and communication projects. Those meetings have been precious opportunities to relate visions, share dreams, achieve plans. His attitude to stay open and think “out of the box” has helped clients approach new markets, bridge with business opportunities, link demands and create social value while building the brand.


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