design and communicatION 
of toys and educational products

TOY design studio is a design firm specialized in all-round product and communication services for the toys and educational products industry.

Fabio Guaricci, has founded TOY in 2015 it after more than 10 years of experience both in the toy and in the strategic consultancy industry. This is why TOY’s trademark is its closeness to the player on one hand and to the market on the other. Bright ideas deserve a good market to bring them in players’ hands. Our creative methodology has been developed and proved year-by-year to allow our customers reach strategically relevant creative results. We will reinforce your marketing brief with our creative brief to be market-wise and players-wise at once.

TOY is connected with a 360° network of professionals, acting as project leader, to cover the whole process of toy’s development, from concepts to development, from visual communication to promotion. This wide approach is possible for being so long in this market and has allowed us to service startups as well as established brands.

In a world shifting between the enthusiasm for the endless possibilities of digital technologies and the re-discover of human valuesTOY design studio is focussed on design and development of toys and educational products for the new needs of a dynamic and complex society. We put this into practice also cooperating with companies and health institutions starting from sociological, educational and technological starting points in order to create cutting-edge design and long-lasting value for the wealth of future generations.


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