design and communicatION 
of toys and educational products

TOY design studio is specialized in educational, toys and communication design projects. 

Fabio since 2005 deals with toys, education and strategy projects. He founded TOY in 2015 to implement his vision that can be summarized in 3 factors:

  • the T with a sharp yellow tip on the bottom is the part that goes deep in the ground, the matter of reality, the context, data, anything that is a fact and with what any project deals with.
  • the O is a window, a porthole. From there it is possible to see the world from the sky, the earth or even underwater. It’s the research, what makes any project an unrepeatable fantastic journey.
  • the Y with a pink arrow heading up is the vision, what makes any project to be a statement, his cultural dimension, a point of view on the world as we know it, a proposal for the future to come.

This is why, working with Fabio, you might find that, besides the core skills of a toy designer, what makes his approach different is his capacity to develop and use strategic qualitative tools throughout the project that will create awareness and make the team feel “where we are and where we want to go“. He calls this the strategic side of ideasThis comes from his personal attitude as well as from his teaching experiences, among which his work as Contract Professor for the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano for the Meta-Design course called CoMeta and the Design Leadership for toy-related design workshops such as in Domus Academy.


In more that 15 years of activity Fabio has dealt with many different projects developing a wide range of skills among which advanced 3D modelling, rendering, sketching, 3D printing, as well as design strategy tools, etnographic research, market research, etc… This makes him a versatile profile for targeted projects in-house (such as innovation campuses) as well as for wider projects (such as crowdfunding campaigns, brands’ startup, etc…) where he is creative director and project leader, managing also other professionals (illustrators, photographers, videomakers, etc…) and suppliers involved in the process.

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