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We are anytime open to receive submissions from people that wants to work at TOY Design. The pandemic has taught us that is possible to create fruitful cooperations with people around the World. And we like this very much, not only because it makes simpler for people not placed in Italy to work at TOY Design, but also because we believe this is coherent with an industry that is basically a giant organism that lives and is influenced by worldwide dynamics and yet happening on the local scale. We believe also that this in line with the global mentality that characterizes us.

TOY Design has a solid core team that cooperates on a regular basis and has done very well also when not physically in the same place, as we are/were forced to do in the past 2 years. That’s why this makes the online mode familiar and manageable to us. This formula gives the possibility, especially to young designers interested in toys at the beginning of their career, to make a meaningful experience in the industry.

However working for the toy industry can be hard if you haven’t previously approached this market at any level. It requires passion and commitment, so if you are a student and want to join please make sure you are aligned with those requirements:

  • have already worked on toy projects
  • be passionate about children’s education
  • be good at sketching, 3D modeling and rendering
  • have a critical mindset and be passionate on design research

If you want to work at TOY Design please send us a message using the contact form. We will reply via email and then you will be able to share your cv and portfolio. Thank you and good luck!

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