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A right toy for your kid’s changing age

Growth is a part of life where one develops different set of skills at every stage. As we have seen previously, how unstructured play and six bricks created activities and helped kids grow and learn with many playful toys. But, the question is how to choose a toy for proper development? Today, we are going to read about how to choose a right toy for your kid’s changing age.

For the first age category, 0-12 months. Till the age of 3 months, baby’s vision is still blurry and all they see is patches of colors. Later, they start interacting with things and surroundings that helps them engage their other senses. That is why toys for the little ones should be Bright in color, make Squeaky and crinkling noises, have different Textures on them with big bold shapes and finally they should provide different softness.

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A playground made with imagination and the big blue blocks

We have previously talked about how a toy without instructions designed by Cas Holman. It challenges different clichés related to the sphere of childhood and the toy world in general and lets a child re-imagine their own toy. Today we are writing about one such wonder, a playground made with imagination and the big blue blocks

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you want what you imagine, and at last, you create what you want.

– George Bernard Shaw
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The Language of THINGS in a Six Bricks construction toy design

We are today writing about a product design that teaches the Language of THINGS in a Six Bricks construction toy design.

Children must master the Language of THINGS, before they master the Language of WORDS

Friedrich Froebel

Have you ever wondered how many ways can you combine 6 Lego bricks?

There are 915,103,765 ways to combine six, eight-stud LEGO bricks. Yes that is a huge number and that very number is possible ways of being creative. Lego has essentially taken the concrete block, the building block of the world and made it into the building block of our imagination. (Previously, we have talked about SumBlocks, which is open ended blocks used for learning basic arithmetic).

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It was 1995 when Toy Story, one of the most iconic cartoons in the entire history of animated cinema, was released in theaters, with its fantastic story of a reality where toys have a life of their own, feelings and goals to achieve. You will surely remember (and if you don’t, you can re-watch the movie…I suppose you have seen it at least once) that the main antagonist of the story was a child with unkind ways, the Skinhead look and a black t-shirt with a prominent skull: Sid. This character, even with his ‘bad’ label, has always fascinated me for his maker side; in fact, his greatest occupation was that of destroying toys (often his sister’s) to create new ones by assembling parts without apparent logic, but with surprising results. So, I believe that behind Toy Rescue there is a grown Sid who understood his mistakes of youth and tried to direct his skills towards a noble purpose; Seriously, the idea of ​​an online database of spare parts for broken toys is as simple as it is innovative and for this we have to tell you about it.

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Open TOY è un luogo virtuale dove pubblicare le proprie idee di giocattoli per esigenze educative specifiche e vederli sviluppati e pubblicati a proprio nome. Creando in questo modo la più grande libreria di giocattoli educativi opensource del mondo sviluppati da una comunità virtuale. COME FUNZIONA?

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